Want Full Results Without Paying The Full Cost?

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WANT FULL RESULTS WITHOUT THE FULL COST? THEN MICRO BOTOX IS FOR YOU! MICRO BOTOX CONCEPT FOR TRADITIONAL BOTOX TREATMENT Whether you have fine lines, under-eye wrinkles, or other areas of concern, you may find yourself searching for ways to improve your appearance. With Micro Botox You’ll receive the same product using a different technique that uses a small amount of Botox in each target-point. With this technique, the Botox is injected in a wider distribution in the areas -of-need including your face and neck. The areas treated with Botox are mainly the muscles of the upper 1/3 of the face (crow’s feet and forehead wrinkles). We use this method to treat upper face-traditional Botox areas, lower areas of the face and neck, (what is known as the Nefertiti lift). The goal is to reduce fine lines and wrinkles resulting in smoother, younger-looking skin. With Facial areas, we inject into a deeper level of the skin resulting in:

  • smoothness
  • smaller pores by shrinking your pores
  • reduced facial sweating and oiliness
  • getting rid of fine lines and wrinkles

Your skin will gradually return to normal after 4 to 6 months, at which point you’ll need to repeat treatments if desired. Post-treatment guidelines: same as Botox There’s no downtime. After the procedure, you can resume most everyday activities. Precautions following the procedure:

  • Remain upright for at least 2 hours after the procedure.
  • Avoid exercise for at least 24 hours after treatment.
  • Do not take aspirin, vitamin E supplements, or fish oil for 24 hours post treatment.

Botox treatment can rejuvenate your appearance and boost your self-confidence!


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