Thinking About Laser Hair Removal? Here Are The Basics

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Why Keep Shaving When You Can Permanently Get Rid Of Your Unwanted Hair!

Common Questions-

-Will It Go Away After One Treatment?

The answer is NO. Although you will begin seeing a difference after your first treatment, the machine is built for a minimum of 6 to 8 treatments. Just like any other treatment, you cant expect a miracle after one treatment.

-Should I Let My Hair Grow Out Before My Appointment?

The answer is NO. Aside from your face all other areas should be clean shaved prior to your treatment. Why you ask? Because we want to get rid of your hair follicle, not burn the hair that has grown out.

-What If I Wax, Can I Still Do Laser?

As long as you allow 2 weeks to pass after your wax, you are able to do laser hair removal.

-Can I Get Laser Hair Removal If I Have A Tan?

The Answer is NO. You have to allow at least 2-4 weeks to pass before you get your laser treatment.

-Can I Get Laser Hair Removal If I Am Pregnant.

The Answer is NO. Although there are no studies that evaluate the safety of laser hair removal during pregnancy, radiation is not safe for pregnant women. Think of it as an X-Ray. Would you get an X-Ray done during pregnancy? No.

-What Should I Expect To See In Between Treatments?

Your hair will grow in patches in between treatments. Stubble, representing dead hair being shed from the hair follicle will appear within 5-30 days from the treatment date. It is normal & they will fall out quickly.

-What Is Considered Normal Immediately After Treatment?

Redness & bumps at the treatment area are common; these may last up to 2 hours or longer. It is normal for the treated area to feel like a sunburn for a few hours. You should use a cold compress if the sensitivity continues. If there is any crusting, apply an antibiotic cream. Darker pigmented skin may have more discomfort than lighter skin & may persist longer. This does not happen to everyone, but if for any reason it does DO NOT PANIC it IS normal and WILL go away.

All In All Laser Hair Removal Is Life Changing!


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