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A word from your professional friend, Laura Avanesyan, NP.

As a passionate injector with over 18 years of aesthetic experience, I find that most of my clients are excited about receiving a dermal filler treatment, but aren’t exactly sure what to expect. Continue reading to learn my perspective on the truth about fillers…

A dermal filler is a clear, injectable gel made of either hyaluronic acid or collagen and is used to add volume and shape to your lips, face and other desired areas. It is customizable and my most favorite product to work with because fillers improve your look by softening wrinkles and restoring fullness to your face and lips.

One of the latest advancements in facial fillers is the addition of a pain numbing agent to the product. We also apply topical anesthetic prior to your filler treatment to ensure your complete comfort. Swelling is normal following your treatment with injectable fillers and may last for several days. Over my years of experience in the field, my clients find that my passionate spirit shows in my artistry as an injector.

A few fun facts about dermal fillers that I want you to know are:

1) 5 full syringes of filler equal 1 teaspoon!

2) Some fillers can help to stimulate the production of collagen when used over time.

3) It’s becoming hugely popular with men.

Another misconception that I hear quite often is “I don’t want to look too plastic!” or “two syringes may be too much for my cheeks and nasolabial folds!”. So, what is too much?!

We offer free consultations and I will always provide my expertise to assist in your decision making. You are in charge of your appearance and I want you to feel better about yourself when you leave our practice. It’s all about you!


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