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Lets Talk PRP vs PRF!

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) has been the only platelet-based product offered for treatment of tissue damage. More recently, platelet-rich fibrin (PRF)has emerged as a more advanced and effective product in the world of musculoskeletal care, as well as within anesthetic medicine.

What is the difference?

-PRP requires more blood to be taken thanPRF

– More healing factors withinPRFthan is typically seen inPRP.

– The lower spin speed causes less trauma to the individual cells of the blood, allowing more stem cells to remain in the finalPRFproduct.

PRFkeeps the platelet product as natural as possible

PRFpromotesfaster healing thanPRP

PRFis extremely successful in treating hair loss, and thinning hair

The biggest reason why PRF is that much more effective than PRPis that it gives patients the same benefits as PRP, while also releasing more growth factors overtime which means that it continues working for you even afterthe procedure is done.

PRFcan either be injected into the skin or done with Micro-needling

InjectingPRF into the dermis stimulates collagen and can help correct fine lines, Rosacea, and acne scarring.

Micro-needling with PRF is a non-invasive technique of enhancing skin texture and tone while addressing brown spots, under-eye bags, fine lines, wrinkles, and rejuvenating dull-looking skin.


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