Poor Meal Choices During Quarantine Showing Up On Your Skin?

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Microneedling Combined With Radio Frequency Treatment 

Did you know refined carbs increase oil production in your skin, which clogs your pores and leads to breakouts ! Refined carbs also age your skin. Pro-inflammatory foods that contain dairy, such as ice cream can aggravate or worsen existing inflammatory skin conditions, such as acne, rashes, and eczema.

We have a solution! Our Skin Resurfacing Sublative treatment is the answer! Sublative Rejuvenation, also referred to as eMatrix laser skin resurfacing, is an FDA approved skin tightening and laser resurfacing treatment that uses radio frequency to deliver an effective but controlled electrical energy to the skin, which combines Microneedling and Radio Frequency to gently resurfaces skin over the course of 4 to 5 treatments with 1 month in between treatments. With each session, the depth of treatment can be increased in order to fully customize your treatment.

Treatment Targets -Enlarged Pores -Fine Lines and Wrinkles -Scares -Acne Scares -Skin Discoloration -Pigmentation -Pockmarks/Pitted Skin -Stretch Marks Textural Irregularities Caused By Excessive Sun Exposure All while stimulating  Collagen and Elastin production Sublative Rejuvenation is the “all-natural” approach to enhancing your youthfulness with little to no downtime!


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