Lets Get Real About Botox

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A Few Basic Tips About Getting Botox

-If Botox is extremely cheap, meaning coast per unit, QUESTION IT!

-Botox should last you at least 4/5 months IF you do the amount of units that is recommended by your experienced injector during your consultation.

Understanding this is very important. What do I mean by this? When you come to your consult you are asked what your goal is, meaning how much of your fine lines and wrinkles you are looking to get rid of. There are those who want no lines expressed when raising their eyebrows, and there are those who want a very slight change, and the great thing is that Botox is completely customizable. With that said, if your wrinkles are deep and you are looking to spend less than $400 dollars and have all of your wrinkles gone, this would be considered an unrealistic expectation.

-Everyone metabolizes Botox and Fillers differently, BUT if your Botox has only lasted you 1 month, there is a problem.

-90% of client who chose not to do the amount of units recommended to them during the initial consult come back and ask for more. Throughout years of experience an injector knows based on the desired results of the client how many units they would need in order to be happy, so when an experienced injector recommends a certain amount of unit, TRUST THEM.

-It is impossible to tell clients how many units they would need over the phone without a face to face consult, therefore it is important to allow your injector to actually take a look at you and ask you what your goal is in order to accurately quote you.


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