High five for Hand Filler!

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You’ve probably heard of a filler treatment for your face and lips to achieve a fuller, more youthful appearance, but did you know filler can also be used for the backs of your hands?!

You absolutely can and now it’s FDA-approved!

By injecting fillers into the hands, you’ll be able to plump and smooth the skin, reducing the visibility of wrinkles and sagging skin.

Filler in the hands is used like filler in other places, to cause a rejuvenating

effect by giving more volume and plumpness to an area which has lost some of its

elasticity. As we age, we naturally lose collagen and elastin, which results in having thinner skin. The tendons and veins in the hands will start to show more prominently. By using filler, the tendons and veins are less visible.

A combination with sublime and/or a sublative treatment is recommended to thicken the skin and give a desired glow to your hands. Ask about different options to create a treatment plan just for you!

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