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Stubborn fat that just won’t budge? No matter how hard you exercise or adjust your diet, there is still that one area that bothers you the most (we understand!). With the overwhelming treatment options available, allow us to focus on Coolsculpting and why it is unique to our practice.

Coolsculpting is an innovative, non-invasive body contouring treatment that will safely freeze fat cells without harming neighboring skin, vessels or muscles. Your body will naturally process and eliminate the frozen fat cells, revealing a more sculpted physique in just a few weeks. Enjoy permanent results with no downtime!

Our dual-sculpting convenience allows two machines to work simultaneously – treat two areas in half the time! Since most medical spas only have one machine available for treatment, our practice is unique for having two. Start your journey today!

A holiday carol from MyImage Skin + Body

We specialize in Coolsculpting,

In areas that you please

We can Coolsculpt your flanks,

Or even above your knees

Everyone wants abs,

So the abdomen is the most popular

With a few cycles in that area,

You’ll be happy, that’s for sure

We can also treat bra fat,

Or even under your chin

When they ask what’s different this season,

Just reply with a grin

Don’t just imagine the results,

Skip the confusion

Allow MyImage Skin + Body to help with your New Year’s resolution

Works in the areas that bother you most:

– Under the chin

– Under the jawline

– Side (flank)

– Abdomen

– Thigh

– Bra fat

– Back fat

– Upper arm

– Underneath buttocks (banana roll)

Your free assessment is just one call away! Contact us at (888) 955-4664.


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