Botox or Dysport for your chin?!

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Having Concerns About the Appearance of Your Chin?

Botox or Dysport may be the answer!

This effective and inexpensive treatment is a simple treatment that makes a drastic difference in the appearance of your chin.

Looking to eliminate the rough texture that has developed on the front area of your chin because of hyperactive chin muscles? This condition is called crêping, but is most commonly referred to as an “orange peel” or “golf ball” chin. This is usually caused by repeated contractions of the chin muscle, which leaves thin or cross-hatched lines across the surface of the chin.

A pronounced crease can cause a puckering effect around the mouth, which many feel makes them look older. Botox is the first line of treatment for this condition, producing excellent results when injected into the area around the chin (mentalis) muscle.

Wrinkles around the jawline and chin area can be corrected with Botox or Dysport.

Chin wrinkles and dimpling are usually fairly fine and shallow, which makes them very easy to treat. The treatment to the area relaxes the muscles, stops unwanted movements of the chin, softening the creases over time until they eventually disappear completely.


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