3 Tips About Lips!

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3 Tips About Lips!

#1. Be Realistic- What do we mean by this? If you are someone who has very thin lips and wants full voluptuous lips, ONE syringe will not be enough. It is important to have realistic expectations when doing injections in any area of the face, especially lips. Most people do not realize how little product one syringe of filler is, therefore it is important to understand how many syringes you would actually need in order to achieved your desired look, and if it does not fit the budget, it is important to make sure you understand what one syringe of filler will actually do your your lips specifically. The good news is you can always build.

#2. We Want To Enhance Your Natural Beauty Not Make You Unrecognizable- DO NOT overdo your lips. Adding filler gradually not only allows you to have control of your volume, but it also allows you to heal in between, which gives you a better idea of how much more filler you actually need. #3. Give It Time To Heal!- In order for you to know what your lips will actually look like, you need a minimum of 3/4 weeks post injection for your filler to fully settle. Understanding this is key, why? If you do not allow your filler to do it’s job you will never be satisfied. What does this mean? If you are in a rush to judge your shape or volume without allowing your lips to settle you are more than likely to ruin what could have been your desired result.


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