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Are You Considering CoolSculpting? Here Is What You Need To Know!

Have Questions About CoolSculpting? CoolSculpting has many benefits over other fat removal procedures, like liposuction. It's non-surgical, non-invasive, and requires no recovery time, and it really works! Check out This Q and A!

Q- How many rounds is needed to see results? A- A minimum of two rounds is needed in order to see a visible difference Q- How many times can I retreat the same area? A-The same area can be retreated until the desired results are achieved with a minimum of 4 weeks in between sessions

Q-Can fat come back after CoolSculpting? A- No, the fat will not come back. Nor will the body create more fat cells to replace those eliminated via the fat freezing treatment. Q- Where does the fat go when you CoolSculpting? A- CoolSculpting essentially kills the number of fat cells, so there are less of them in your body. Fat cells compromised by CoolSculpting become a waste product and then are processed by the lymphatic system and eliminated from the body permanently. These fat cells will not be regenerated by the body. Q- Who does CoolSculpting work best on? A- Ideal patients: Are Close to Their Target Weight – CoolSculpting works best when you're within 10-15 pounds of your target weight and have Isolated Fat Pockets–. CoolSculpting isn't designed to treat fat from head to toe.

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